FEATURE: Hire more stuff in Reviewing team

This is getting me frustrated! Please Episode hire more personal and qualified of course! Waiting for weeks to have approved backgrounds and overlays makes stories forgotten, boring and writers losing their writing enthusiasm!

For example: I can’t publish finished chapter nor I can write the next one, till waiting Backgrounds and overlays are approved! This is getting nowhere :weary:


I really hope this happens as we upload soooo many backgrounds!!

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What do you mean you can’t move on writing? You can start writing your next chapter and choose to only publish the one you just finished, without publishing the one you’re working on.

But I do get what you mean that it is extremely frustrating to wait for overlays and backgrounds to be approved.

No unfortunately I can not.

I finished this chapter 9 long time ago. I can’t publish it yet since there are few things needed to be approved.

I have all my next chapters basically finished. I just polish them.

I can’t continue writing next chapter 10, because I need few new overlays for that one. If I upload new overlays, those will be approved before the current ones. And again I’m stuck at the same chapter 9 as I am now and again I’ll have to wait for those stuff to be approved.

Ahhh okay, that makes sense. Sorry, I was just making sure!

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Wait a second, they would approve the NEWLY submitted OL/BG first before the ones that you prior uploaded???

They usually do so :weary: it happened to me several times :weary:

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It’s unacceptable that such a huge company app is somehow understaffed. All that money and you can’t be bothered to hire people? lmfao. They have money to develop new tech and constantly release featured stories that use gems every scene in an Episode. There is no reason they shouldn’t be hiring more people, plus it’ll help with retention and views.

I have my latest chapters all ready, and now it’s been a week and a half (at most, or just a week) that it’s still being reviewed. The chapter uses the backgrounds in review, and I’m impatient because it’s a neck-breaking chapter integral to the story. :confused: