Feature Idea: Activity Panel on Episode App

I don’t understand what’s the point of that following authors option when we can’t actually keep up with them in the app? Allow me to explain;

I wish there was an :sparkles: activity log on the app✨️where you see the story announcements, get notifications from the authors we’re following, like when they drop a new story or, a notification bell , we, the readers, can set to get a signal about a “new chapter” release from a story! It’s so hard to keep up. Let it be an easier, sensible way, because you only notice these changes if you go back and check yourself. Your favorite stories are possibly burried (if you read out loads of stories, too) and it shouldn’t be this way! Authors won’t have to worry about putting [chapter 9 is out now!] In titles anymore.

Will this feature ever be possible?


Support! :sparkles:
I’ve always wondered why they added a follow menu just to do nothing with it. Maybe their plan was to add more features to it.


Support! This would make so much more sense plus they have the whole panel on the left with like 4 things on it lol

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