FEATURE: If they updated Classic, I'd want these :)


  1. More colours - all of the colours are black, brunette, red, orange, blonde, white, light blonde, etc…
  2. Ombre colours - some hairstyles like long straight and long straight bangs would look amaz-
    ing ombre.
  3. FIts the face better - some hairstyles (most of them) Go over the face which makes the characters look weird, I wish they would fix them so more hair would be available.
  4. More hairstyles - there are SO many hairstyles for the campus life and the runway life game that would look amazing on episode!


  1. Eyes - More shapes and colours , I’m so tired of only brown, green and blue. (BOTH GENDERS)
  2. Lips - The only colours are orange, black, purple and red. They would look awesome in pink, blush, nude colours and more. (also more SHAPES)
  3. Noses - not everyone has the same nose.


  1. More pregnant styles! - They have ONE pregnant shirt and it is hot pink! lol THIS IS A MUST.
  2. Fits the body better - It would be better if all the shirt went over the bottoms because in most cases the pants go over shirt which makes the bottom look weird.
  3. More clothing styles - More tops, jeans, sneakers, heels, jackets, costume outfits, fantasy outfits and vests would be awesome!
  4. More MENS clothing - the mens clothing are all the same and some shoes even have their feet out!
  5. MORE TATTOOS - A must!




No, there is actually Gold, Silver colors, too. Lol Red, orange, etc.

Where’d you get that idea from? You gotta search for more unique hair, more, dude.

There are actually more noses, however no one picks them out.

I know there are, and I do pick them, but I was saying that more shapes would be nice.

I also know that there is more colours, but they don’t apply for every hairstyle, now do they?

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I know that, i wasn’t trying be rude, tho. I was just stating it, i am in full support of your suggestions, dude.

I fully support everything you wrote :slight_smile:


I wasn’t trying to be rude, sorry if I came off that way. :frowning:

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I’m sorry, this is kinda weird… Heheh…

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That’s not true because I have many outfits that impact my story. I also have characters that can change their outfits, so where did you hear that?

Sorry but Classic is done. Episode has already completed it & I don’t think they’re updating it again.

That’s why I said IF they updated classic.


Yaaaas, I fully support this! I absolutely adore Classic and I would love it to be updated, but they have said that they aren’t updating it anymore sadly :confounded: Tbh I think if there’s anything they can fix for Classic, it needs to be all of the bugs first like characters not changing outfits and not doing animations properly. But I agree with everything you said and it would be really exciting if they ever update it again :grin: :two_hearts:


We NEED more pregnancy tops. It is UNFAIR that ink and LL have 20+.


It may be that the changing outfits may be broken only in the previewer or the previewer is having troubles downloading certain things from your story and etc.

Sorry, that post above was for you, too. :slight_smile:

It probably didn’t download all of the info correctly.

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