FEATURE: Improve the search function on the app


It would be optimal if the search feature on the app was more advanced and included the ability to filter searches. It would be nice to be able to search for a story based on the genre, art style, or the number of reads (e.g. a comedy story in Limelight with less than 1,000 reads). I feel like this could make finding hidden gems much easier.

Also, can we improve the search function? Because whenever I try to find stories with a certain search keyword (such as theatre), I get stories that don’t match what I am trying to search for at all. For example, when I type in “theatre” in the search bar (to try to find a story related to theatre), one of the top stories that show up is “The Teacher” which is not what I would be searching for at all (could it be because they both start with “the-”?). The search keywords need to be more viable.

I hope this post makes sense.

FEATURE: filter for search
FEATURE: Search Filter
Feature: Enhance the Search Engine
FEATURE: Search Filters
Different Search Options

I would love it if a “FULLY RELEASED” keyword_ could be added to the Search Function as well.

Sometimes I just want to read a story without interruption and having to wait weeks/ months/ years?? for an update, or worse, finding out that the author is discontinuing! :frowning:

Right now I have at least 7 stories on my Favorites waiting on updates and tbh I’m starting to forget s/l’s, characters etc. jmho




I would also improve the search engine because now it is far from perfect. Sometimes even if I write the almost exact title, it searches 30 other titles that are not that accurate.

I also don’t know what is the key of results - not by number of reads (for example my story in results is below dozens of other stories with less reads), not accuracy of title (the same story), not by the latest update, not by the date of release, not by number of episodes… It would be nice to have an engine that helps find a story we want :frowning:

And yes, I fully support filtering by Fully Released :slight_smile:




Yeah, it’s insane how this forum site has been up for way less than the literal episode app yet it already has an advanced search function.




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even after all this time, I still want to see
“Fully Released” as a Search Keyword


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Still hoping for a “Fully Released”. SEARCH Feature