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hello! so im currently writing my limelight story, which is my very first story and i was thinking of making it a bit more special. do send me your character details to feature as background characters in my story. you also stand a chance to play as one of the main roles in my story! ill let you know if youโ€™re selected. hereโ€™s what i need :

1. Name of Your Character
2. Facial Features of Your Character
3. Characteristic

i would give credit if youโ€™d want me to. thank you! :yellow_heart:

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Role: Can I be Best Friend?

Instagram: That1weird_nerd

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Cassandra Dean


Skin Tone: Copper 03
Brow: Round Thin High
Hair/Color: Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept Solid/ Black Dark
Eyes/Color: Deepset Downturned/ Brown Light
Face Shape: Round Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips/Color: Full Heart Pouty/ Red Deep Gloss


Humorous, artsy trendy, sarcastic

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thank you @EpisodeShadow @Cassandra_Dean! :yellow_heart:

@ EpisodeShadow ~ Apparently, best friend roles arenโ€™t available for now. Iโ€™ll try to look for main role thatโ€™s somewhat close to it. Will have a thought about it let you know soon!


Np! :yellow_heart:

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Name: Lexi
Skin: Copper 00
Eyebrow: Round medium (light brown)
Hair: Wavy long (blonde medium)
Eyes: Round medium (hazel dark)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round button upturned
Lips: Full heart pouty (Peach gloss)

Outfit: Doesnโ€™t matter as long as she has freckles.

Role: Artsy girl (friend maybe?)
Personality: Weird, corky, VERY straight.

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Name: Ayame
Hair: Medium Curly Solid (Blue black)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Round Thin High
Eyes: Female Generic (Grey Cool)
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Plum Gloss)
Body: Neutral 01

Top: Racer Back Workout Top Ice Camo
Short: Studded Cuttoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black
Shoes: Calf Length Rolled Patterned Socks Short Heel Boots Suede Red Rosewood
Accessories: Woven Bracelet Metal Accents Leather Grey Black, Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver, Thick Framed Colored Accents Blue Turquoise

Personality: Quiet, loner, kind heart, short temper, and gets into fight if someone piss her off

Name: Kai
Hair: Wavy Messy (Copper Red)
Face: Diamond Soft
Eyebrows: Soft Round (Copper Red)
Eyes: Sloping Heavy Lid (Grey cool)
Nose: Straight Narrow
Mouth: Medium Straight Natural (Beige Rose)
Body: Rose 03

Top: Duffle Jacket Cable Knitted Sweater Cotton Red Candy
Pant: Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Grey Light Cool
Shoes: High Top Classic Leather Black

Personality: Easygoing, funny, smart, and love messing around with people

Credit me by Ayu-chan

thank you @Ayu @Roleplay.lk @alytriplex ! :yellow_heart:

would also love some male characters!

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Name - Ayla
Skin tone - Gold 00
Eyebrows - Arched Natural (Deep Brown)
Hair - Hair Flip (Plum)
Eyes - Deepset Almond (Brown Black)
Face shape - Triangle Defined
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full Round Flat Top Skin (Red Deep Matte)

Funny, sarcastic, caring, fashionable, at times depressed.

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Here is my character

Characteristics Funny, adventurous, sarcastic, empathetic, weirdo

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Name : Lydia
Skin Tone Gold 02
Eyebrows : Arched Natural
Hair : Long High Ponytail
Eyes : Female Generic (Brown Black)
Face Shape : Heart Soft
Nose : Round Broad
Lips : Full Heart Pouty (Rose Light Nude Matte)

Personality : Fashionable ,Sarcastic,Funny, Honest, very confident,Love dangerous activities,adventurous (sometimes Bitchyโ€ฆ) (hate any pink color )
Outfit :
Shoes : Cut Out Chelsea Boots Leather Black
Bottom :Oversize outfit Shorts denim light blue
TOP : Oversize Tshirt Cotton Black
Accessories :
Triangle Long Earrings Metal Silver
Woven Bracelet Metal Accents Leather Grey Black

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thank you @Jurevicha @natalie.keira @Lydia_Fadia ! :yellow_heart:


NAME: Max Sedman
Skin: gold 02
Eyebrow: arched thick style (blackjet)
Hair: Punk pixie (medium warm brown)
Eyes: Round downturned wide (blue green)
Face: round soft
Nose: round button
Mouth: Full heart pouty (beige gold matte)

Orientation: lesbian
Characteristics: funny, empathetic, morally aware, good listener and spontaneous

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Here is some more boys if you want to use them :slight_smile:


Name: Jasper
Hair: Short Twists (Black Dark)
Face: Diamond Soft
Eyebrows: Deepest Heavy Lid (Brown Black)
Eyes: Male Generic (Brown Pale)
Nose: Round Wide
Mouth: Natural (Brown Deep Rose)
Body: Rose 10

Personality: Responsible, Calm, smart, Charming, hard-working

Name: Joey
Hair: Slicked Back Solid (Orange)
Face: Male Generic
Eyebrows: Round Soft (Black Dark)
Eyes: Male Generic (Light Brown)
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Mouth: Thin Heart (Beige Rose)
Body: Rose 03

Personality: Cheerful, Honest, Understanding, Kind Heart, friendly, Comforting

Name: Randy
Hair: Long Top Messy Curls (Honey Blonde)
Face: Diamond soft
Eyebrows: Round Medium (honey blonde)
Eyes: Sloping Heavy Lid (Ice Blue)
Nose: Straight Pointed
Mouth: Medium Heart (Beige Rose)
Body: Gold 03

Personality: Flirty, player, Silly, Childish, narcissistic

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thanks a lot :ok_hand::sparkling_heart:

No problem :slight_smile:

bump! :yellow_heart:

You can add me to the list if you like :slightly_smiling_face:


Characteristics: Sarcastic, Flirty, Stubborn, Loyal, Strong Willed, Fiery Tempered, Loving
Credit: @Cheyara_episode58

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sure ! thanks :sparkles: