Feature in My Story! (LL) 💛

Here’s a boy character if you need it :blush::wink:

Lynn’s personality: Perfectionist, Shy, Timid, A little sassy and always calm and collected.

Darren’s personality: Center of attention, Cool, Sort of a bad boy but he’s still respectful, Good at everything.

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thank you! :yellow_heart:


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Here is my character:

Madilyn’s characteristic:
trendy, smart, fashionable, protective of people she care about and loves animals


thank you !! :yellow_heart:

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here are my characters if you still need some!

Name :Alakai
Characteristics: very funny and sarcastic, hates sports, kind of a lady man, and very curious

Name: Maya
Characteristics: dark humor, pretty wild, bisexual, and knows what she wants. (btw she has freckles) :wink:

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i sure do ! thank u :yellow_heart: