I personally feel like as an LGBTQ episodian & a writer. That the community should get a section (genre). Do you know how hard it is to find some good LGBTQ stories and the ones that are written by some great authors go unnoticed because it is difficult to find them. Pride month isn’t a enough. Being Gay , Bi , Les Or Trans doesn’t stop after the month is over it is an all year around thing.


They actually had one before!


If you’re talking about a permanent shelf, like how there’s action, romance, fantasy, etc., why don’t you make it into a feature request?


Omg I was about to recommend you some stories including your own before I realised it was you :joy::joy::joy:


No shelf lasts long or goes frequent.

That is how it is with evry genre.


Man I would love an LGBTQ+ section/shelf as a permanent feature if that’s what you mean! I’d especially love to see some stories with trans characters. Having that kind of shelf may have a few issues that need trouble shooting though. Like what counts as an LGBT story? One where a side character is LGBT or one with LGBT opinions? Would creators have to click a box or something to say “hey yeah this has LGBT choices”? How would things be easily sorted?

Those questions do need to be figured out but if that were fully solved I would love to see this be a permanent feature. It would certainly make it so I read on episode more.


I guess that’s not a bad idea…

I guess.


I just started using this :joy::joy: I have no idea what the hell I am even doing


I actually meant like it’s own section like have you ever played love struck? I guess. LGBTQ has like its own section. I’m just trying to get some equality here


Lol Hey babes :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


LOL! I actually just found one that someone has already made. Basically, if a topic in the feature request category gets enough likes, the episode team might consider it


it’s not really equality if there’s a whole section but I get your point


How is it not equality when majority of the stories on episode are heterosexual? It’s definitely equality.


It has been changed :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I actually kinda get what you mean, you’re going for that spoken representation to bring equality


Yeah yeah that type of thing. I’m trying to be some type of Episodian Activist lol


same honestly, I want to bring my own culture to this platform


As a black woman I do that as well



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