FEATURE: Include Classic Style To Spotlight

I cant work in any other style. I’ve tried. I’ve spent HOURS trying to write in LL & INK…But it’s no use! I can’t. There is so many downfalls, for example, the lack of clothing in LL and I don’t know, it’s a weird style to me personally, the characters walk weird and stuff and there is more color options than options alone. They both basicaly haven’t got what i need for my characters. Such as a camera or tats in the inventory and my character will require those. But classic has everything i need EXCEPT the spotlight addition, i need thisssss ssooooo badddddd. I struggle to write in normal mode, it’s much more time consuming and because there isn’t alot of realistic things, it’s hard to make them look well…realistic? I know ( Classic is no longer receiving updates, since long ago (still grieving) BUT it’s not fair to leave Classic out again, especially on that, if the other style’s get it, surely they all can? Stop leaving classic out :{ Some people still love it, like myself. Beside’s, wasn’t the spotlight format originally for classic way back? I’m sure i saw the ads i swear.


@EPISODEWRITERSTARTER Hey there. :slight_smile: I just wanted to notify you that I already created a similar topic to yours a few months ago regarding this topic and the return of the original spotlight feature. I’d appreciate it if you checked out the original topic and gave your thoughts or support on it!

And strangely enough, it is actually possible to use the spotlight feature in the Classic style despite it not being an option.

Perhaps there were some technical difficulties that made Episode not make it an option, but it works perfectly fine, which you’d think would be an option but it isn’t which I find very strange. But it works.

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I believe there are technical difficulties that prevent using Spotlight with Classic style.

I think originally Classic had a Spotlight style long, long ago.
But it wasn’t very good so they scraped it.

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Duplicate topic closed. Refer to original topic.

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