FEATURE: Include Jules Hair in the Character Avatar customization for INK


I just noticed that when using the CHARACTER goes to character avatar method to customize a character on INK, Jules Hair isn’t included!

I would love if we could add Jules Hair into this. Please like and support :blush:


Bump all the way! :100:




You can add the Jules Hair into the customization template yourself :grin:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Jules Hair

Just add that line of code into the character avatar and that would be it. :wink:


I completely support this!


That’s for the customization template. I’m talking about the CHARACTER goes to character avatar code.
I prefer using the code over the template because it only takes up one line of my script and I don’t have to worry about changing names and labels and what not.


Support :slight_smile:


lol I knew I misunderstood something here… haha :smile:

But in that case: I’ll support :blue_heart:


Hehe thanks :grin:


bump. I still want to use the character avatar CC method but I want the Jules hair in it too!




I still want this, so… bump





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