FEATURE: Information provided in support ticket given to support member handling the ticket

I’ve sent my fair share of support tickets over the years, and they always follow the same flow.
Within the support request, there is specific information that’s generally filled out. Even if all the information is given within the initial request, the first response from the support team is requesting that exact information. Is the support team not given the information from the support ticket itself?
Items I’m talking about:
Portal Email
Writer Name
Story Name
Story URL

or when reporting a story:
Story name
Author name
chapter in which violation occurred.

No matter how much information I include in my initial ticket, that information is ALWAYS requested on the first reply. This delays actual support by DAYS. If it gets escalated to another person… you have to give that information ALL over again. In the process of trying to resolve one issue, I have given my story information on ONE ticket at least 4 times… and still hasn’t been resolved. It would be nice if the support team had access to the information that is given when the support ticket is filed.