FEATURE: Insert Videos to your Stories!

Basically, if you are too lazy to read this whole thing, WE. NEED. VIDEOS. IN. STORIES.

I have no idea if it’s an actual feature available to us already since I’ve seen Episode putting videos in the old Mobile Creation tutorials, and I think it would be awesome if we get to do this too! Maybe even add a feature to put videos in the text style to make it like someone said a video! This could be VERY useful putting some Ink scenes to limelight, Classic scenes to Ink, etc. What do you guys say? Support?


Yeah, even we can do it with overlays, it take hours to make them so it would be way easier!! Support



bump! :blob_hearts:

Kinda like the sims games?
This be hella cool

Support & bump

I’m new to this but can we like make intros? And not just photo/ backround intros, video intros (like the ones in TV shows). For example you edit it outside episode, and then you upload the video that’s around 2 minutes. I don’t think we can but it would be so cool.




There is a way to do it and it’s to do with basic framing. You have to split the video into picture frames and upload each frame individually as an overlay. Takes a long time

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Support !

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