FEATURE: It's time to cancel the limited catalog when you're first downloading the app

Hey, I think it’s time to cancel the limited catalog.

The limited catalog is, in my opinion at least, Episode’s worst idea.
1.Because I DOUBT somebody who doesn’t know the app would literally buy GEMS just for an outfit.
2. It only represents one specific genre: Romance, which isn’t Episode’s only genre.

Again - The beginning is so important - I’m not the one to judge the stories but in my opinion, it’s just not attractive. If they don’t cancel it they should at last improve it.


yes its abeslout garbage. If I was greeted by this when I first started I would have deleted the app. they should go back to when you could start out with picking between two stories and read a chapter,


I wonder why is this topic so dead… does anyone even care at this point?


Yes, I agree!


Agreed it deters people who don’t like that kind lovey dovey stuff like me. I’m glad I joined way before this feature.


Dang, I didn’t know this was a thing!


Yeah I struggled for months trying to get thru the “required” reading. Eventually they did that gems-for-surveys offer and I finally paid the gems to get access to the full catalog. It’s genuinely terrible, all the stories they make you read are at best inane and are legitimately offensive more often than not. I do not understand why they feature the drek that they feature and I double don’t understand why they would force feed it to you like that. I mean, I get how pay walls work, but shouldn’t they be trying to make the app look like it’s worth paying for more? Why put their absolute worst garbage first like that?


Support, I can’t imagine new readers sticking with the app through that :’m


Honestly, I don’t understand the need to use gems just to have your character look decent.

Like I still want to look nice in general, but why does the “free” options have to look so… basic and generic (no offense). Even if they still want to keep the limited catalog, at least allow us to wear some of the gem clothing…

I know Episode needs another way to earn money than just gems and pass purchases, but it’s just really sad that even just decent clothing is not free, and some of the clothing that’s worth gems is questionable. (e.x: weird looking lingerie, clothing that is too much or too bold, etc.) :pensive:


Support!!! (I feel like they don’t notice that it drives away readers/ customers when they see 5 gem choices and are given 0 free gems, epeccially since the stories they put have expensive gem options with crappy choices.)


I love how in Stray Hearts the MC is standing there in totally normal clothes debating what to wear to a concert. Naturally 2 options are gem only and the free option is… grey sweats for some reason. So you pick it and your MC changes out of her perfectly acceptable regular clothes so she can get into her high school gym class look to go to the concert. Like… what? Why? Why not have the free option to just be the same thing you wore to class that day?


Support this.

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I completely agree with this. Support!

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you’re so right. it’s so stupid, no one will want to read more with it.

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Support!!! omg when I started this new episode account and I had to start from the begging- the frustration-

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I really hate the limited catalog.

it erks me

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