FEATURE: “Junior Designers” your own clothes for Episode

Hi everyone , first I want to mention that English is not my first language.
Second I really don’t know if I put this In the right topic, sorry if not!

Anyway, I may have an idea for episode.
And it’s called “Junior Designers”

So “Junior designers” is kind of a way for us writers / readers to get/design new clothes and hairstyles for episode.
Now I know we can’t have everyone designing clothes and hair for episode because some of us aren’t that good … (sorry if I offended anyone)

So there should be a system like this;
First Episode Team creates a contest, anyone can join it.
And in the contest you should draw clothes / hairstyle in every perspective of a either INK or LIMELIGHT character.
Then you send it in.
Then episode team takes a look at the (lol I don’t know what it’s called but “your thing” you entered the contest with)
Your clothes / hairstyle and sees which one of those who entered fits most to be a designer.
Then they choose winners that starts working as “Junior designers”
After that episode just gives them a theme like “fantasy”
And the designers draws fantasy clothes / hair styles for episode.
As I said in every perspective of the character and different colors.
Then episode adds them to the writing portal / game
And everyone can start use the hairstyles and clothes the junior designers designed.

What do you guys think of this idea?
I think it’s great because we would get more clothes and hairstyles more often. For both LL AND INK.


I think this is a really great idea , I would love to be a junior designer because I have some great ideas and I can draw pretty good but I dont know if I would enter. I guess it all really depends on the episode team. Hopefully someone recommends this to them


Yay, if you love to draw you should enter it if they ever do something like this

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I definitely would, what about you? Would you?

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I think I would , I love the draw and i kind of was one way back on another platform

Ooo very cool.

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i support this :slight_smile: :heart:

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I think here is a question about copyright things. Designers are owners of their outfits/hair or what ever they make - so if Episode takes them, Episode must pay them.

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they could have a pay system like writers payments for it, or something

I think everyone should design clothes for THEMSELVES only. (Only of course if you have a clothes shop). If it isn’t that good, then their story won’t be as good. Simple. Because we have our own ideas too, and we’d like to make our own thing.

Hello @LillyRomanova! This is Sydney the Moderator.

Your topic is in the correct category! :star_struck: However, the title is wrong for a feature request. Look at the Feature Request Guidelines to learn how to title a feature request correctly. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. :wink:

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Hi, sorry .
Is this better?

This is perfect! Thanks so much! :wink:

Woah I love this.

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Thank uhhu

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Support! This is a great idea!

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I would love to open up a clothes shop!

It would be really cool idea :smiley:
Especially with seeing how episode ins’t releasing what the users want

Bump and Support (I was just about to create a topic similar to this)