FEATURE: "Last Updated" tab under every episode book


I always catch myself reading stories where the author NEVER updates or discontinues the story without telling readers so my question to you is do you think episode should tell the readers when someone last updated their book?
IE; If someone updated their book Feb 26th 2018 it would say “last updated chapter (insert chapter here) Feb.26, 2018.”
So if they had Episode 3 out and was working on Episode 4 it would say, "Last updated chapter 4: Feb 26th, 2018
Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this.


Exactly. Some authors never come back and update there stories. They let the readers hanging. I mean at least let them know if you’re continuing story or not.


I agree with what you’re saying and to add to that last part, some people say they’re continuing and how they will update soon but 4 months pass by and they update 4 months later. I read this one book where the author said she will be continuing the story and to follow her instagram and when I went to her instagram profile and looked at the dates that she posted she literally posted every 4 months and updated 1 chapter every 4 months. Not even 3 chapters, just 1. Luckily, I was only on Episode 13/21 and stopped reading when I seen her instagram dates.


Agreed it be handy to know so i don’t waste my time on a story that hasn’t been updated for a long time. Also think epsiode should put discontinued on stories that haven’t been updated in over 6 months.


I totally agree with you…




I like this idea. I understand that authors have lives and other various commitments, but I have quite a lot of unfinished stories in my favourites that haven’t been updated in months. I now only start stories that are complete or where I know that the author updates regularly. Having a “last updated” message on every story would be helpful to tell us which stories are actually being actively updated.


I’m with you on this. I hate reading a story and having a chapter end with a cliffhanger. If I knew the story was unfinished (with no plans to finish) I wouldn’t read it in the first place.




I think this would be extremely helpful. If the author doesn’t post for like two weeks (that I know of) and my friend who’s been reading the story longer than I have says they haven’t posted in 2 months, we would both say something like “oh yeah ok they’re probably dead”


I’m a patient reader. I can wait weeks or months (but better include the recap :smiley: )

But, yes I agree with this idea 100% :slight_smile:

One story, it’s in a bottom of my list and after about a year the author finally updated one episode, so I’m waiting for another one now :joy:


YAAASSS! I agree 100%


Hi! A reminder that you can always start a feature request for this idea, seems like a lot of people like it! You can find the guidelines for how to make suggestion threads here. Carry on! :v:t2:


2 weeks is an awful short amount of time :joy:
I have a story I’m still writing that I haven’t worked on for a couple months, because I’m busy trying to finish up a new story for the H&V contest.
Now, if an author hasn’t updated for 6 months… that starts to make me think, “Okay, this story is probably never being finished.”


:joy: like “ok yeah they’re probably passed out in front of their computer, just laying there like a dried up raisin.”


Agree and support!


We definitely need this! I have the same problem get so into a story and the writer just stopped writing.


Shameless BUMP !