FEATURE: Layer helper

Look whether you’re a kick ass queen/king at code or just an all round boss layer are just a pain and this post is not to say I want them gone, but there should be a layer helper that allows you to see what your char. would look like in all layers, I did like 10 layer combinations and watched 3 layer videos and read 3 layer posts to get it right and that wasted 40 minutes.
No one should say layer2 for front and layer1 for back because if you do stfu! That it not what I made this post for


Sorry, but I already made a request thread for a layer helper a while back. I appreciate that someone else has this issue, but someone beaten you to the punch :sweat_smile:

Duplicate topic closed. Please refer to the link posted by @ParkLow_G to support this feature! :smiley: