FEATURE:Let INK exist and be updated


If I see the statistics the most readers and writers like INK then LL I don’t want to see INK go away instead there are things that still need to be updated. I know for sure if INK goes away 50 % from the readers and writers will go away, support for keep INK and updating it.

thanks xxx

Can Episode still update the "ink" style?
More stuff for Ink!

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this isn’t really a feature request so much as an opinion. :wink:


yes but episode has to know one way or another xxxx the topic i just said is closed by the forum administrator. xxx




yes this is not an opinion episode has to know this. x




i personally like the “ink” style a lot more than the new “limelight” style. especially some of the expressions. but limelight has a lot more cooler clothes cause thats the only style currently being updated regularly and its newer. but i just can’t give up what i love much more about the “ink” style


There was a clothing update for INK a while ago? Not sure about animations so to speak but maybe stuff like clothing could potentially get updated.




yes a black lingerie set more i have not seen yet x


Ah okay :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: