FEATURE: Let the writer decide if chapter needs to be reread


Not every time chapter needs to be reread! Sometimes we just go back and fix small errors or we try to make better directions. For this reason readers don’t have to reread same chapter.

Give authors option to decide, if reader has to reread last chapter or not.

You could do it similar as you did with Completition Status.

FEATURE: No More Chapter Re-Reads When Updating Story
Is there anything I can do to soften the blow of having to republish an entire chapter?
FEAUTURE: When updating the episode script

I’ve heard they already working on this! Hopefully this will be out soon <3


I support this!


Honestly it can be a bit annoying when you have to re-read a whole chapter again because of the little details and edits the author/writer makes. I support this


I support this. It’s so annoying, and now I hesitate to edit anything so my readers don’t have to suffer.


Oh, I hope they really are working on this. Rereading because of branching/coding mistakes is fine, but having to reread a 15 minute chapter because of like… an extra comma somewhere? Or a layering mistake? It sucks.

I know some authors remedy it by making a choice that skips you to the end of the chapter, but if you have a lot of meaningful choices, gains or character points, you can’t use that trick without a major headache.


I support! But the authors can add a choice to let the readers choose to reread or skip it.


Support <3 Sometimes its just so annoying to read a whole chapter when they just added a “sneak peeks and more” background -.-


This needs more support!


I support this! I have no idea why I didn’t comment before lol


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I, l support, As it is needed from the princess of utopia.












Bump! This is a NEED.


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I 100% support this! It would be so convenient