FEATURE: LGBTQ Representation


We should be able to customize characters to include gender identities, that includes wardrobe. Episode claims to support diversity, but they have their characters have very basic body types for men and women. Like and comment if you agree


Awesome suggestion!
I agree. It would be nice for tomboy, like me, to be represented as well.




I agree! One of my characters is transgender and it’s really difficult to represent them correctly.


Different bodytypes in general would be nice. When i create myself, i always wish i could make her more voluptuous.


That would be awesome :slight_smile:


I 100% percent support this I’m tired of looking at the same shape for boys and girls


Could you please elaborate on that


That’s why I was trying to say. It’s very hard to do that when all the characters have perfect body types for the binary genders. Even the wardrobe only caters to the binary


Hello, Episodians!

This is a quick reminder that this thread is about a requested feature and not a place for debating the legitimacy of said feature. Either create a thread for this in Episode Fan Community or take it to a PM. Thanks! :wink:




they should make plus size body types for both genders in the real world not everyone is skinny


support again :smile:






Absolutely! I would like to have masculine build bodies with boobs and definitely flat-chested feminine build bodies! Also, it would be amazing if they made traditionally masculine clothing available for “female” bodies, and most importantly, traditionally feminine clothing available for “male” bodies. The same goes for hair, beard and some face shapes!!! I’m getting carried away.