Feature: Limelight and Ink Clothing

I think that it would be SO cool if you had the ability to convert INK clothing to LIMELIGHT, or the other way around…That way if you saw something you loved in the INK clothing, you could use it in LIMELIGHT. This would be great because when you’re writing a story, you need one piece of clothing, but you find it in INK, or LIMELIGHT, and you can’t use it…This ALWAYS happens to me…So it would be great if this were an option!! Hopefully we can support this so much that Episode Admins will make this update!! Also this would be great for animations too!! AND I do understand that it would take a while, but they can most likely create a thread of code and just run it through every outfit…
Also, they ARE still updating INK…While they have stopped updating Classic Style…I’m sorry if there was any confusion…


And once again, poor Classic is left alone :frowning:
But yeah, that would be really awesome if we could do that :slight_smile:


They announced that they have stopped adding to the Classic Style…:disappointed_relieved:

I disagree, once again.

This would be too hard for the Episode Team. If we wanted this, they would have to fit every single piece of INK Clothing on a LL character to make sure the measurements are correct and test it for every single animation that exists so it runs smoothly. They would also have to test LL Clothing on a INK character, and vise versa.

Some clothing may already perfectly fit, but it may not run smooth on animations.

Also, note that Episode Admins cannot do anything to bring these ideas to the Episode Headquarters, they just advise the forums. Admins like Jesse, Liz, or Trinady are working in the Headquarters.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

There is already a thread for this.

I don’t support because there is a reason the styles are different. Clothes that we have in Ink shouldn’t be put in Limelight because we should have new pieces that people think of with the style. There would be no originality with the clothes if we had Ink clothing in limelight.

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pretty sure they have stopped updating Ink as well

Agreed. Omg…i just notice your profile picture is Viktor from Yuri On Ice😍

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He’s my favourite from the series :wink:

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Yas!! :raised_hands::+1:

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Closed as this topic is violating multiple feature request guidelines and is also a duplicate of requests that were already created. Thanks!

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