Feature [limelight] : art, animation and clothing

I was going through the art releases yesterday and I recognized there are several animations, garments and features that should come as essential for many stories. Excuse me if some of these suggestions below already are released in the exclusive column or are added to the Writer’s Portal.

Larger Range of Props
  • Ice creams for female and male props, recolored chocolate brown and strawberry pink, standard flavors. Also the same process for them in store-bought cups and popsicle sticks.
  • More varieties of the black phone, and we can choose between the original phone color or seven other colors of the rainbow. It would make texting look much more fun!

  • Apartment, house or car keys because you can’t just open a locked door. With a palate of rose bronze, pale/dark gold, silver.


More Dresses, Rompers and Jumpsuits
  • This floral romper.
  • This combination of oversized sweater and short skirt.

Support me and like my post if you want these items! :))


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