FEATURE: Limelight Noses

Ok, sooo. I don’t know if this is just me, but I’m not a huge fan of the female nose options in limelight. The skin color I pick for my self (Tan Deep Gold) combined with the nose I believe is the best match for my self, Round Button, leaves me feeling uneasy. There’s this weird shading on the nose that makes me feel like I have a snout. So I then pick Round Downturned or Grecian Soft, neither of which match my nose in RL. I really like the Button round nose offered in the men customization options.

I’m attaching a Photoshop edit of my avatar’s nose. The one I edited is Round Downturned. I lifted it up a tad and added width.


I really like the nose I photoshoped. so If you guys can pull through for ya’ girl, that would be amazing!!!


I like it too and I also don’t like the eyes in limelight

I like it- just one thing, be sure to rename this topic something like FEATURE: Limelight Noses so the mods can’t delete it!



That is one adorable nose lol
I love it.

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I really like the nose. It’s so realistic and matches your features. ^^

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Support :slight_smile: :+1:


Buumppp :sleeping: