FEATURE: Logging in with Nickname and password

I wish there’s an option to log into portal with just nickname (=email) and password, without using external applications.

Like right now, many log in with Facebook account and they can’t when Facebook is down.

What will happen when both Facebook and Google will be down at once?


True. I don’t see why we can only log in with Google or Facebook when we should just be able to log in like we do on the forums without the need of any external applications. However, Episode needs our e-mail to send us stuff, which is why we are given the option to log in with Google, and our Facebook account uses our e-mail. But I’m not sure because I don’t use Facebook. Anyway, we should be able to log in with either nickname or email, and password. For first time users, when they sign up, their e-mail should be required like any other site, since Episode needs our e-mail. Facebook is currently down world-wide, so everyone who logs in with Facebook has a huge problem. This is an example of one of the times your idea would be put to use. Good thinking! Support!


I fully support

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Agree! I can’t log into my old account and start a new story bc I don’t have FB or gmail. My old log in is no where to be found.

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