FEATURE: Long hair for Males


I dont know if you guys want this too… BUt Im dying for some long hair for guys!


Some dreamy boys ya got there! Also the title of this feature request doesn’t follow the guidelines for suggestion threads, please review those guidelines and change your title so your fellas don’t get deleted! :v:t2:


Oops! Sorry @Ryan




Oh yes please. And for Ink as well. I once held a character contest and someone had to suggest using long braids because there weren’t male hairstyles of the length she preferred. It wasn’t an option, braids are braids and should be used as such. Some people like long hair, and it’s perfect for fantasy/historical stories. Or stories about bands!


Yeah sooo true!


Please remame the title before they delete it! :heart: Something like
HAIR: Long hair for males

:heart: :heart: :heart:


The third photo. The hair needs to be in episode!!! PLease


Closed as the title doesn’t follow feature request guidelines. :v:t2:

closed #10