FEATURE: Looping Backgrounds Command

So I’ve been working on a story and I wanted to make a scene were the background is looping faster or slower. But unfortunately there’s still no way to do that. (I think)

Which leads me to creating this topic, suggesting that it would be very helpful if you made a command that can help us make ANY (and not only the backgrounds that loop by themselves) background loop as fast or as slow as we want.

Who would like that?
Do you support this idea?



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have you tried something like

@pan to zone 4 in 10 ?

No but I’m sure it would only move the screen to pan 4 once.
And then you’d have to repeat that again and again:
@pan to zone 4 in 10
@cut to zone 1”

what I’m talking about is a command that would make a background loop as fast or as slow as the author would like without having to repeat the command


@transition fade in

@pan to zone 4 in 40 {or any other number}

use the bg without the loop

Just tried it, and I have to say:
It would work for someone who wants the background to move in this speed, but again, it wouldn’t repeat itself unless you use the command again later.
And if you want the background to loop fast then you have to repeat the command a lot more often.
And that’s not what I want. (and I think that this is not what many other authors want)

Dang. I was trying to get a looping background to be at pace with my character’s walking speed but I guess it’s not possible :confused: That sucks