FEATURE: Lower Gem Prices! Just one like Per Person can make a difference! Help us all out! ❤

So as we all know, in Original stories, the gem choices cost an arm and a leg! (Not literally guys, just a lot of gems!) a solution I think would be a win win for everyone would be to… lower gem choice prices! If you do that you’ll still make roughly the same profit, if not more because more people will read the Original stories and buy the gem options if they don’t cost us so much!!!

If you guys agree please like this post, support this idea and bump this thread :grin:

Thanks guys!

(Let’s Try and get this post to over 1000 likes / replies to get it noticed!!! )

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support! bc I guarantee if they lowered the gem prices significantly more people would read the featured stories, and more people would download the app
the first thing people see when they get it is featured stories with 30 gem choices and they just dip bc its getting a little ridiculous




duuhhhh totally support!!!

If you read the comment section in play store about episode… LOTS of comments are like “I liked this game/app but the stories asks for tooo many gems”

SO It will benefits both readers and episode itself!!


Support! I do not read original choices due to gem choices being like 19 or even 29 gems. If they were more like 5-10 gems I’d enjoy reading them :slight_smile:


same! the story itself is usually never bad but i never read them because it can cost 100+ gems just to have a relationship with the LI and im like not about wasting my time and money like that


Literally! Like not being able to wear nice outfits but they cost 29 gems to wear it for one episode :sweat_smile: I really enjoy a lot of the stories too and if they were community stories with cheaper gem options I’d 100% read. I really hope Episode consider lowering gem costs, I think it’ll be a positive for them in the long run and it makes readers more likely to spend gems!


yeah absolutely, its starting to look like theyre giving up on their own app im ngl


Yeah it’s pretty disheartening :smiling_face_with_tear:
I’ve been reading episode for a long time and recently write more but gems has began to take over everything and they never were even a thing really when I first started reading. Definitely made me not enjoy stories quite as much!
Good job on your story time is deadly by the way! Nice seeing small authors so active in the forums! :blush:


I totally agree, episode isnt as big as it used to be and really think that would be very easy to fix if they listened to community authors, because were the only reason episode is still doing well in the first place because i dont think a single person likes reading their featured stories right now. and dont even get me started on this new contest omfg

also thank u sm!! appreciate that a lot <3


The new contest feels a bit weird to me :confused: not sure about that one at all. And definitely if they just listened to some more input from people I think it could really help! It’s putting off new people from joining the community too as you now have to read a set amount of episode originals with high gem costs before even accessing other stories :grimacing:

And you deserve the reads! :yellow_heart:


i could really talk about the problems with this contest for like 6 hours lmaooo but yeah, the fact you have to read smth like 40 chapters before accessing the app is making people uninstall it, 100%. the whole point of reading the featured story should be to teach people how to use the app, it takes 1 story not 5, it really would be so simple to increase the retention of people downloading the app its like they dont want that, but ima shut up now bc were taking up this entire thread lol
and thank u sm !! <3


Exactly! Was nice talking to you :grin:



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I agree with you! It’s really starting to feel this way! I can’t believe the prices, and the fact we have to read their featured stories first… it’s no surprise that most people uninstall almost immediately :cry:

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I also find it weird that they’re raising the “prices” as Episode is getting more and more competition (Dorian, par example). Like, nobody plays them because of the prices, turning people away from reading them, and possibly pushing them towards other apps?

Or I could be overthinking this.

Again, support either way.


I found a hack for it;

If you go to other author’s stories through Instagram links, it takes that as reading, and then you don’t have to read their shotty, overpriced crap.


dude i wish i knew that thats amazing hahaha

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I suggest increasing the range of pricing. Have the minimum price be 5 (4 passes can earn 4 gems w/out any subscriptions and all that jazz, +1 to retain readers), but increase the price during late stories and all the way to 29 for all I care.

The ad system already makes the app very friendly to those who can’t afford subscriptions. If reading one episode (expcluding ep1) needs to watch 2 ads, then on one go, they would’ve watched 2x4=8 ads. If they’re able to binge more than once or twice, the number of ads played could double or triple. That alone already generated a lot of revenue.


Support! This would def make me read those stories