FEATURE: Make Character sticky in the outfit creator


Hello there :slight_smile:

I honestly find creating outfits quite tedious… they’re great and abundant but it’s so unnerving to scroll down search for a T-shirt… and scroll up to check if it works well with the pants and shoes previously selected. And if not we have to scroll down again, search and search… scroll up and down again etc. you get the picture. Also the Filter is sometimes not working well. Some items are not shown that I can find while looking at everything.

Can’t it be possible to make the Character stick to the right site while we browse through the clothes? Like the Previewer is stuck to the right site while we’re still able to scroll through the script? :slight_smile:

Would be great if that could be made true o.o
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


SUPPORT!!! 100% agree. It’s a PITA scrolling back up.


This would be extremely handy and a time saver (not to mention my index finger would be eternally grateful to not have to scroll on my mouse so much :point_up_2:)


yesss agree !!


I support this! Would come in handy! I also hate the scrolling up and down to see if the clothing items work well together.


I support this!


That would be excellent! Also it’d be cool when we scroll down, the Previewer will be able to move to the movement of the mouse.


Great idea, that could be a great start.


Support! And not having to scroll all the way up to take away clothing, so maybe the clothing list under the preview?


yessssss great idea! lawd how i hate doing all that scrolling.


in full support of this! scrolling can be such a pain.


I actually use my middle finger to scroll up and down.


Semi- support! Maybe having it so the character is on the right side, and the clothing and stuff is on the left (unless you said that already)


Basically what I meant yes :smile: just the character being stuck in one position on the screen while we can browse through the clothes and see the outfit directly without scrolling back up :smile:




Supported in everything, but special in it! :blush::blush::blush:


For the god shake, supppppppppppoooooooorrrrrrrttttttteeeeeddddd eeennnouuughhhh




Great idea!!! Support


Bump and support!!


Support! My index finger and my patience would be eternally grateful.