FEATURE: Make LimeLight For Mobile


Let’s Make This Happen!!!

FEATURE: Limelight on Mobile Creator
Limelight on Mobile Creation
Limelight on mobile
Making the characters LimeLight on mobile!
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FEATURE: Limelight on Mobile Creator
Limelight on mobile?
How can I change character styles?
Please , i recommend highly
Suggestion? For the community of episode and for fellow users of episode!
Limelight Availability
Making limelight mobile!
Need Help with app
Suggestion for Mobile creator
Lets make limelight on mobile happen
Suggestion? For the community of episode and for fellow users of episode!
LimeLight for Mobile



Yes they should


yes queen PREACH!!


I agree I think we should have limelight for mobile


Yes I’ve been waiting for so long!


Okay, seriously, though. Is there any place that I can find an update on the status on Limelight for mobile creator? I feel like it was heavily talked about when the mobile creator was originally created and there was talk of this being a future feature. (And have honestly waited a very long time for it, thinking it was definitely agreed to be implemented). Yet I keep looping through the same handful of threads that just request the feature, and with feedback that just directs the requestee to the same threads. Are there any OFFICIAL updates about the status of Limelight being added to m.c.? ETA? Anything? Maybe its just me, but I can’t seem to find a single recent thing about it other than a few users agreeing to wanting the feature, when it seemed like a definite thing in the past. I’ve seen the very many feature requests from users, and completely understand that Episode has their hands very full. But can I please be directed to or given an ultimate status or decision on this topic?


Can episode please update the app created stories to the newest type of characters. It would make the characters look so much better and we need so many more outfits then we currently have. I create stories in the app and would like to be able to use the newest updated type of characters please


I agree! They should make more outfits and new advater looks!


extremely love episode classic and I find it so hard to write on the portal so I started using the mobile creator, I love limelight but I think they should have options for which type of characters you want like on the portal


Please add limelight! it makes the characters and outfits so much better with many options and would probably increase app ratings. xoxo


Omg so right. I can’t even make a story with police in it. Like how in the world is the silver skulls gonna get arrested


They should its so annoying to make it on the website because i frankly find it hard so if they could make the limelight on mobile and make it like INK stories how there made then that would be great <3


YES HONEY I agree so well!


Support 150%


I agree !


I extremely support this!


This needs to happen!


I fully support this!


They will be releasing it on Mobile just no ETA on it. That stated it when they first released Limelight