FEATURE: Make LimeLight For Mobile


I fully support this!


They will be releasing it on Mobile just no ETA on it. That stated it when they first released Limelight


please! controversial opinion, but ink is so… yucky lmao


There should be an option for limelight episode :heart:


Pleasssssssssssseee! I’ve been waiting. :weary::grimacing:




We definitely need this! We’ve been waiting too long!

Can we please get this in late 2018/early 2019? It would give you enough time. And we’d also really like to have more customisation options. Even if we still had to create Limelight characters through the portal but could still edit them on mobile?


It’s coming… :wink:


@Trying_To_Help Do you know when? :smile:




shook Iv been asking the same question for months, if our profiles our limelight and we can run the animations why no limelight? your the first one to confirm this is it actually true or is this a joke? how far is the development? and are we receiving anything new with it,? clothing animations etc.


I totally agree I love limlight stories and want to create some but I cant because it was to hard on my laptop and my laptop broke I find the mobile creations much simpler and would like to know if there’s been anyone who works for episode to tell us if they are going to put it on mobile creations and when


I absolutely 100% agree, ink is just “meh” compared to LL x


I agree 100%.

I LOVE limelight and would be happy to be able to create in the mobile app using it.

I don’t always use my laptop and coding on it can get frustrating. If limelight was available on the app it would be so much more convenient and I think a lot of people would love the options and more will download the app because it’s so much easier to create in it.

So PLEASE PLEASE episode creators and team let us know if it’s in the works. Or if it’s something that won’t be implemented.

I’m dying to know :slight_smile:


Bump ^^


I agree full—heartedlyyyyy!!! :heart_eyes:


I think it would cool if we had a separate creator app for stories. They said it would be to big to put in the episode app so why not just make a new one called the portal app.


I feel the same way I want answers


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They should add more backgrounds. I was looking for a sports pool background and I was disappointed with the choices. The only background they had was of a home pool.