FEATURE: Make LimeLight For Mobile




Yes please I’m literally waiting to make a story on mobile with limelight.


What ever happened to this idea? I would like this as well


Why don’t they ever update the mobile Creator, they never add backgrounds or new things, it would be nice to be able to choose between LIMELIGHT and Ink but I don’t use writer’s portal for my stories I use the mobile Creator so I’d really like to c some changes or updates how can we make that possible?


Glad that there’s actually been a confirmation of this. Still dying to know when though!


Oh. Doesn’t look like they’re doing it soon :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes. I 100% agree that the Limelight animation should be a choice for mobile. Does someone know if this update is coming?




Anyone remember when we begged for those Limelight hairs and Episode gave us them? We can do it with this too!


Yas, we do need this, I fully support!


Is this gonna happen bc bare in mind this post was made in MARCH #Make this happen before 2019!!! <3


I agree


Okay, we have to get this in 2019! How we gonna do it?




Bump :heart:


The year is now 2019, otherwise known as the year when we finally get Limelight on mobile!


Yes, limelight for MOBILE. 2019, here we go




This would be an awesome feature as well as adding all the customization options to the avatar creator.


Yes, I think they should have limelight for mobile. And I think we should be able to pick the top and the bottoms separately so we can make our own outfits.