FEATURE: Make LimeLight For Mobile




Need more backgrounds (or even easier ways to look up backgrounds from other sites that are approved/acceptable and easy to input in your story). Need much more clothing choices. And like with Covet Modern, more body shapes. As well as faces. There is only one mature male face available when there are like 3 or 4 for female.


I agree they should


Yes please!!!


yes!! episode please make this happen!:yellow_heart:




Limelight getting all this new stuff while Ink is discontinued and no new updates can be made to mobile creation. I mean I could always go and buy a computer just to get an art style… update would be better though. :joy:


Yes :grinning: let’s make it happen



Portal writers just got the update they wanted, maybe mobile creation writers might get one too…




Bump :sunglasses:


Yes please…I tried making a story on my computer but I’m dumb and didn’t know how to code everything so please do