FEATURE: Mark uploaded backgrounds (urgent, normal, private)

I think it would be great if we could mark our backgrounds while we upload them, so team there could better understand what we need.

To mark them as:

  • Urgent (because chapter should be publish at least in 3 days)
  • Normal (we can wait 7 days to be approved)
  • Private (this background is not for publishing purpose)

What’s the point in a private background? :thinking:

SUPPORT! Sometimes I really need them but it takes a long time to be approved. :frowning: :wink:

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I need private backgrounds too :rofl:

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Just to explain… When I help someone, if they have problems with directing and they use their own backgrounds, I need to see them in action, that means uploaded and then directing.

Another example… When I create my own backgrounds for me or for someone else, those need first to be checked, also the overlays for that background,

I feel like it will be abused. People will start marking all their backgrounds urgently.

Also, you can’t forget they are real people reviewing them - as fast as humanly possible.


I’d never write there urgently- 3 days, if I wouldn’t read it on this forum :wink: So to explain this, those are backgrounds and overlays which are needed urgently for story contests.

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1 month later…

Support!! I urgently need my backgrounds :frowning:

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Episode reviewers are likely aware of the fact that backgrounds are needed swiftly for contest. While it is not always possible to get them in well before the contest deadline, even with this there would be complications as almost EVERYONE entering the contest that is turning the background in late will mark them as urgent.

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No problem about that. I just wrote urgent- in 3 days, because Liz said they are approved in 3 days.

If they had an urgent option, perhaps limit it to a certain number (like 3 backgrounds), so people don’t abuse that power.



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Bump :sunny:

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