FEATURE: Marking errors in a mobile app

Hi there,
So I don’t know how about you, but I usually spend a couple of hours reading the chapter to find the little mistakes (speech bubbles, spotting, grammar mistakes and so on). Usually I do it without an access to the web portal, so I can’t improve it immediately.

Maybe it’s just my case that I see thousands of little things that I would like to improve but I don’t remember all of them later, when I’m working on the story. So I guess I need to read it like twice as much just because I missed something I already knew was there.

I would love to have something like mark tool on the app preview where I can just click the button in a random place.

And when I’m going on a web portal I see in the script marks next to the marked line. Something like this:

It can be temporary, marks can be cleared after saving the story. Or there could be a list on the left with marks and “clear all” button, but I think it could be too advanced.

PS: It opens the gate to mark mistakes by other people. Sometimes I see in stories mistakes in layering or some little mistakes and I think an authors would be happy if little misakes were mentioned to them by readers or testers. But it’s the different topic :slight_smile:


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I don’t think it’s a mobile app feature - just a part of it appears in a story creator preview. But it’s more on web portal feature for me :slight_smile: but maybe I’m wrong 🤷

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