FEATURE: Mature stories for 18+ for mature readers

I’d suggest to divide readers on 18+ and less then 18.

Only 18+ could be available to read mature themes.

So my main suggestion here is:

Some writers like to write mature stories and some readers like to read them. Don’t limit that. Make that in your favor, Episode. I suggest you give us writers an option to mark our stories as >Mature< and >Mature+<
The readers who want to read stories marked as that, should be 18 + because this stories would contain stuff which is now not allowed by guidelines.


If you made someone pay for “mature” themes, no way in hell (most) people would may to read it. Which means episode won’t get any reads or money.


Who says so? People 18+ have money, most of them.


Yea, but if I was 18 and I had to pay a monthly thing just to read a story with mature content I wouldn’t do that. The app is free, so people will expect free stories. I would automatically delete the app if i had to pay for mature content. It should be more of a button, a mature story has a pop-up warning and you have to read term and agreements or something, but you already agree to the policy in the beginning too… I just think paying is too much/over the top, featured authors already get so much.


Paying is way too much already and also many already pay for gems or for passes so I think adding featured stories would cause episode to lose many viewers.


My suggestion is only to make featured Mature stories payable- not users stories marked as Mature.

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I say featured stories do already make enough money and I say if they put a mature warning and the person even if under 18 keeps reading. That’s not episodes fault. It is up to the person to decide.


Exactly, featured (with mature labels) authors are probably already being payed enough and episode would probably give them half of that monthly thing. Plus, some greedy people could take advantage of that.


You don’t understand. :smiley: Not even the warning gives you the right to publish mature stories. Because Mature stories are simple not allowed. And Mature is everything more than a kiss.

Writers risk their story to be reported or banned when they describe sensitive scenes or even if they show more then a kiss. There’s lots of stories which such content. Writers really think that putting a warning there makes it right, but it doesn’t.

And for those authors - and for their readers - we need to make those stories allowed. That’s not possible with simple click on question- do you want to read this scene…


Ok, I don’t think you are getting it. Featured stories that are mature, get approved by episode. And episode themselves publish mature stories. So, are you saying that episode doesn’t have a right to publish mature stories on their own app? And mature stories are allowed by episode, they can’t just break the terms. And I don’t think describing a sex scene has a chance to be taken down (unless it’s rape or something.) Episode can override those reports.


No those themes are not allowed by guidelines. Check them if you don’t believe me. Stories get removed for even less that I mentioned.

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Some, but not all. If I remember correctly, in blake, wiktoria describes the abuse scenes.

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Never question your boss :joy: Your boss can smoke in his office if he wants to, but you can only dream about smoke while you’re working :joy:

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you’re not my boss tho? if my boss smoked in his office I would quit. and that is irrelevant to this topic/convo


I’m saying that we can’t question What Episode Features :joy:


I agree with the sections but, I have to disagree with the payment part.
I don’t think people will pay to read a mature story when they can get it off the internet for free.


ok? and some of what episode features is sexual/mature. Episode is not going to make us pay for stories, period.


I suggested we pay only for Featured Mature stories. But Users Stories marked as Mature we could read free.
In this case both would benefit- Episode and writers/readers of such content.

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We’re talking about Mature themes. You don’t read them - someone do. You who don’t read them now, wouldn’t read them in future too.

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so completely restrict some stories unless you pay money?

i feel like this idea is not going to work out.