FEATURE: Mature stories for 18+ for mature readers


Like I said “only Episode featured Mature stories” could be payable !! Not users stories :woman_facepalming:t4: This way Episode would have another way to earn money.


I think this is a great idea. I would love to see the mature stories separated from the rest, though there is one flaw (and I believe somebody mentioned it already).

If an app contains 18+ content in any way, even if that content is separated and needs age verification, it immediately becomes an 18+ app. No matter how the mature content is separated. That’s just how it is.
Some of you have mentioned apps with mature content, like Wattpad or IMVU, for instance. Wattpad has a whole mature section, and allows you to decide whether your story is ‘mature’ or not. IMVU (apparently) also has separate mature content. Both of these apps are 18/17+ on the App Store.
I know a lot of you have said you’ve lied about your ages and accessed 18/17+ apps, but I’m sure there are people like me whose parents set up their apple accounts and don’t want to risk messing with their accounts. Those people can’t access 18/17+ apps.
Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that creating an 18+ section would make Episode an 18+ app, forcing off those who are between the ages of 13-18, a large portion of Episode’s audience. I just don’t think Episode would be willing to lose so much of their customer base.


Umm… Guys, I don’t think that’s even possible, is it? (thank god…) I don’t know much about the App Store (it’s probably the same when it comes to their guidelines), but the Google Play Store would not allow any mature content on their store. It’d clearly be against the Google Play Developer Policy of Restricted Content, which is why you don’t find any 18+ apps on their store. Episode is already violating a few policies and should really be walking on eggshells right now instead of uploading stories like “…In My Bed!!!”.

Also, even if it was allowed, their app would in that case become an 18+ app. No matter how much 13+ content there is compared to 18+ content. It’d be a terrible business move on their part. They already have a huge audience by being a 13+ app and it wouldn’t make any sense to change that. All they have to change is the way they go against those guidelines. They should stay within the 13+ guidelines and make sure everyone else does the same.

There is such a thing as a “parental guidance” rating, which most social media apps have, but it has its differences and I won’t get into much more here :upside_down_face:


Since when are kids customers? :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀️ kids don’t have money. :blush:

And why is Episode (with strict guidelines) willing to lose those who are 18+ and are only available customers?


I don’t know if you’re right. :thinking: Imvu for example is “Parental Guidance” group…

And this is super great for Episode too. It would mean here’s kids content.


I already spoke about the “parental guidance” rating possibility. I’m not sure Episode would be considered a “portal” to stream content like Youtube, Facebook, etc. It kind of sits in the middle since Episode themselves provide lots of content on the fore-front of their app and it’s not the users who pretty much exclusively fill the platform with content. Either way, it wouldn’t be a great business move since, as I said, the whole platform would be considered a “best suited for adults” app and they wouldn’t have as much of a younger public. And on the other side, they wouldn’t have much of an older audience either since older audiences know where to get their mature content for free and most of them aren’t interested in reading mature content with awkward looking characters and animations. But it’s a subject worth debating :blush:


Their parents have money, though. I don’t think that not having mature stories will drive 18+ users away, they shouldn’t have been looking for mature stories on Episode in the first place.


But again… no ones going to pay to read a story.


We pay now to read ads free


Once again please: MY SUGGESTION in this topic is to allow MATURE ADULT CONTENT to all users by guidelines.

Where I meantion paying, it’s only possibility which Episode could do, it’s not my suggestion :sob:


Yes, but we have the option of NOT paying and just watching them.
Not allowing to view something unless you pay won’t get any reads.
And there are better ways without paying. Other apps have them


So I’m all for the 18+ shelf, and I hope they come up with something soon. Dont think you should pay more for it.

I think it would be great, because most of these stories seem like they are geared to 16+ anyway. I haven’t read anything that’s “Tween” or geared to 12 or 13 year olds. IMO Episode would do us Adults a favor and give us an adult area we can enjoy, and also give authors room to write without restrictions!


Hmm… I like the idea, however… The idea to pay for it I’m not so fond of. Maybe like a few other games when you log into the Episode App it should simply ask for your age, Although people can be dishonest… :sweat_smile:


Most Episode Accounts are linked to google or facebook, therefore, know the player’s age (if they’re not lying, but meh). That way, mature stories can only be visible to people who have over than 16, or 18, depending on the level of “maturity” I guess.


you don’t know how mature a person is by their age


Lately many stories are being blocked - removed for absurd reasons! Why do we have underwear between outfits available, if we’re not allowed to use it on characters? Yes, stories are removed for that! Even though scene has nothing to do with sexuality!

I strongly believe that Episode is a lost house without a boss, who would control what employers do! To remove stories for unreasonable reasons, that should never happen!!!

App is rated as 12+ ! That first means that children from 12 to 18 can only use this app with parent guidance!!! That means that NUDITY IS ALLOWED in non sexual content! That also means that authors can’t allow character walk naked or with bar on, just to provoke other character! That also means that author should not zoom on body sexy parts!

Question is also, why are lately stories removed for absurd reasons and why is this happening right after all this promotion on social media about Episode Hypocrisy? I knew exactly that will happen! I knew this because I’m not blind to not see, that everything is in ruins since Liz is gone! Is she the only boss in the house? Does the house even have the boss to which we can complain?

My ranting doesn’t mean I have anything against Episode and it’s not my purpose to talk shit about it! I love Episode! But things need to be changed!

Be aware everyone that ranting to much can cause you ban from the forum and even removing your story for no reason or for some stupid reason which isn’t included in any guidelines!

Kids will eventually grow up! Episode is not made for kids! Episode wants to earn money and only adults can give it! Those are just few facts!

People all over social media protest against guidelines and want the guidelines to be changed and nudity and sexual content to be allowed EQUAL FOR ALL! Yes, because kids from 12 and above can use this app only with parents guidance!! My thread is misunderstood and all I’m talking about is to make possible what users want!


oof i think you should make another thread about this

also it says that you cannot have nudity in your story which probably means for whatever reason


Why would I make another thread for the same reason?


As you can see the description for 12+ age rating and the description for Episode app in Apple story - NUDITY IS ALLOWED in non sexual content.


okay? lmfao why in the world are you listening to the APPLE STORE?? the OFFICIAL RULES of episode says NO NUDITY. and these are two separate subjects your talking about MATURE STORIES and STORIES GETTING TAKEN DOWN