FEATURE: More Body Shapes



yes! They picture the girls as perfect barbie dolls, we need some variety. If that makes sense.




For Limelight we had Fat Amy and for INK we had Damien from Mean Girls… I don’t know, I really hope it’s in the works!!!


Not everyone is a BARBIE, EPISODE!


Sims is the ideal Episode…tbh


I personally think that how many body shapes there are shouldn’t matter, it’s more of the story than anything.


I read one story where a character was bullied about his weight, but he looked no different then everybody else. It made no sense.


Well, I think personally that it doesn’t really matter, it’s the story more than anything. Also, if you think about it, the bullies might’ve just made him feel fat and the bullies might’ve be trying to trick him. Either way, I’m still sticking to my personal opinion e,e