FEATURE: More Body Shapes



For Limelight we had Fat Amy and for INK we had Damien from Mean Girls… I don’t know, I really hope it’s in the works!!!


Not everyone is a BARBIE, EPISODE!


Sims is the ideal Episode…tbh


I personally think that how many body shapes there are shouldn’t matter, it’s more of the story than anything.


I read one story where a character was bullied about his weight, but he looked no different then everybody else. It made no sense.


Well, I think personally that it doesn’t really matter, it’s the story more than anything. Also, if you think about it, the bullies might’ve just made him feel fat and the bullies might’ve be trying to trick him. Either way, I’m still sticking to my personal opinion e,e




we should have the slider button things that the Sims has so we can change the size of everything


Agreed! And I love the sims. Anyway…I totally support!


Yeah!! That would be so cool! I’ve been trying to write a story about anorexia, and I can’t do anything with it since we can’t adjust their bodies.




Support!! I would LOVE to see new body types!! It would be great for defining who is a child and who is an adult!! As well as many other things!!! AMAZING IDEA!!!


I would love to promote different body shapes in general! A curvier girl and a naturally slender guy, for example! Plus, height would be useful because it would mean we could direct pretty easily without complicated spot directions. Plus, at the moment my characters’ heights aren’t really all that consistent, because it’s difficult to make the heights work in every spot location!


YESSSS!!! We should be able to include all body types. Also what about scars and injury’s? It will make it easier than having to use overlays


Yes!!! Including plus sized characters in a story is quite a challenge because they all looked the same :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


I totally agree with all this body shape stuff, but then we would have problems with the wardrobe as the clothes are all fitted to the original boy shapes. Wouldn’t it be better just to have clothes in the fat body shape, like when you do a pregnant woman?


well they could add a feature were you choose the body shape the clothes will be in


then they’s have to change all the clothes to fit the body shape


Actually they could just add a sizing command for the characters like the overlays have, so it would fix this problem.