FEATURE: More Body Shapes



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They could begin doing it, while slowly adding more clothing to the new body shapes until they are done.


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Even with the wider variety of things we can add, (lots of skin tones, freckles, beauty marks) there is still so many more things episode could add to make the options for characters more diverse


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This post has gotten 500 likes and body features still haven’t been added.

…Um… Episode?


They could at least create a couple body shapes to choose from. I’d say 5 more body types is a fair amount, because if they were to add sliders, it would be impossible to add clothing that will fit the character.




Yess! Support! We need this!


Yess! Support! We need this! And a bump!


1000% agree. I wish episode would do this soon. Everyone looks too perfect and I would love to write a story about body image and self-esteem.
I can’t do it fully until this happens.




I agree this is a much needed feature. That being said, I also understand why they haven’t yet implemented it (and may never do so).

Even if they were somehow able to keep the same animations for each body type without having to recode stuff, there would be the issue of clothing not being able to be used by everyone. It already takes a long time for them to release clothing for the male/female body types. Can you imagine how much longer it would take if they also had to make clothes for short, plus-size, one-legged, ect. characters too? While many of us would like to believe that it’s as simple as making the pregnancy outfits, it’s really not and has the potential to be seriously buggy and awful.

As much as I would like this (particularly to have a pre-puberty child body type) we all need to realize that this may not be something that’s feasible because this is an app that supports full-body animation (as opposed to Choices and other story apps that would have an easier time because they use still sprites that are only shown from the waist up).

I still think it’s okay to ask as long as people don’t get mad when Episode can’t deliver. I doubt it is a matter of purposeful refusal of diversity on their part. They may be trying to keep things practical and running smoothly. Would you prefer many body types with more infrequent clothing and feature updates and the potential for more bugs, or would you prefer faster releases of the many clothing, prop, and animation features already being requested? In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to choose, but this is not an ideal world and we need to be practical about what the episode team can practically achieve and what that might cost us performance-wise with the app and the writers portal.


ANYONE WANT CHARACTERS WITH WHEELCHAIRS?!?! I KNOW I DO! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: FULL SUPPORT!


I definitely agree, there is many different body types. There should be sliders.




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