FEATURE: More Body Shapes



Maybe they could add just a couple body shapes for each gender, at least for now. Maybe they could at plus-sized and child body types only so it wouldn’t be as difficult.

I get that it’s hard to do this, but it stinks that they don’t even try. They have a small art team though, but I think most people would prefer infrequent updates for big stuff like new body types instead of the frequent updates of little-bitty clothes and occasional glitch releases.


Absolutely! We have been asked time and time again to include diverse views and characters in our stories. That shouldn’t be limited to race, culture and sexuality but to body types too. I’ve read many stories in which the main character is meant to be a certain body type but due to the standard size can’t be changed and the story looses its effect.


BUMP! Like my character’s child who is still 7 has boobs!


Yes! I 100% support!




Weight, curves, height, muscle, body types. I agree that height isnt a massive deal since placing and shrinking affects that but it also affecta the overall look because it doesnt make them look very proportional. I also think age should be a choice since children just look like tiny adults :joy: and male children have abs. There should be a baby option where you can actually see the child rather than seeing a blanket. The catagorize the rest of the ages eg. 1-3 3-6 6-8 9-13 ect. And for elderly wrinkles should be optional. I think small optional details such as freckles, birthmarks, scars/cuts, bruises etc would add to the story and may be helpful to follow the story eg if there are twins one could have a visible birth mark or a scratch to help you know which is which. If that makes sense?




Need a better way to make characters shorter too


Bump :sparkles:


I so agree! :smile: Like Fat Amy, in Pitch Perfect on Episode, we should at least be given different default characters with different heights, weights, etc.




Definitely support!


It would be so cool if episode added body diversity. I feel like a lot of the characters look similar and body diversity would add more differences between characters and make stories about accepting your body and such more realistic!






I need this


That would be more than great! :slight_smile:




tbh a full blown Sims customization option would be amazing. I hope they’ll add something like that one day.


You can keep them short by young spot directing when exiting a room use don’t put @character exits right you put @character walks to spot then make it a spot off-screen. But I do agree we need body types. Not everyone is small and not everyone has abs