FEATURE: More Body Shapes



Yeah, I would love this to happen! Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect is the only character that has some body diversity! Also, if a character is a child, they’ll look REALLY weird with teenage bodies. The only body difference you can make is by making girl characters pregnant, so this really needs to happen!


You made your character a little chunkier then they could workout. It is a very good idea.:grinning:


You’re totally right! It would take sometime but totally worth it, lol!


Lol… funny ik but I once had a dream that we had extremely fat characters in writer portal
And it was a nice dream coughs
Totally support this!


I support this!
Even though I’m fine with the shape the characters are at the moment this would be an amazing idea as the characters can only be changed through their facial features, hair and skin colour.

Besides, This isn’t an accurate representation of the people in Todays society. While a lot of apps tend to take more care into representing Female body shapes, They need a more accurate representation of MEN too!

While I like guys with a bit of muscle it would allow us to make our stories more creative and unique if we could choose their body shape.



I totally agree! The only time I’ve ever seen a different body type is on Pitch Perfect, with Amy. The sliders would be really great!


I would love this feature. I would give a chance for more diversity, including gender identities, and create more difference in characters


Yes, I was actually thinking of making a thread like this! I would love to be able to make characters have freckles or spots on their face, as I have bad spots (and I’m overweight :joy:) and it’s like they’re telling me I shouldn’t be that way. Please, please, please add this!!!


Yes, this is an excellent idea. It would give a lot more depth and creativity to the characters.




I sooo support!!!:heart:


that would be amazing


episode did say that they were woring on it, so…


I posted that around the time the thread was created, I don’t follow any of this stuff.



That really would be a great improvement for Episode and the diversity within the app!!


I absolutely agree with this and think that this is an amazing proposition! Not only is it a great idea, but it also goes along with Episode’s diversity standards. We should be able to provide diversity in more than just race, skin tone, religions, sexuality, and etc.


You’re right, but you have to take into consideration that if Episode were to include this feature, they would also include in their policies and conduct the kinds of things that won’t be allowed, They already don’t condone anything that’s racist, too sexually explicit, and many other things that may be deemed unacceptable. I’m pretty sure they would take the initiative to set a standard on body-shaming.


Normal isn’t a body type lol
to me Skinny is normal, to others Curves is normal.

Rephrase your comment lol


Its 2018 people are starting to realize that not everybody has the same body shape some come with curves others are just skinny some may be petite others large , I think episode should show the readers that there is no standard when it comes to someone body shape there’s no right or wrong way to look like when it come to your body


what do you mean about there being no right or wrong way?