FEATURE: More Body Shapes



I read one of their posts and I think they are adding body types to limelight i’m not sure.


I really hope so! Sad it probably won’t be for INK though but Limelight’s okay too. :woman_shrugging:t3::slight_smile:


Agree! The children on episode even got chests and abbs even if they are like 3 years old!


I agree.


great idea i support this


Who even asked you to comment lol this is my and another girls ideas and mostly everyone likes the idea so Bye :wave:


Okay, first of all, I never said anything about disagreeing. Second of all, I don’t like that tone you’re using. Third of all, if you ARE going to be using that type of attitude, go onto Tumbler or some other emo website where you can yell into thin air, instead of coming onto a website where people both vote and voice their own opinions, to say that either my opinions/suggestions are wrong, when what they are, are opinions and suggestions.
So yeah, bye :wave:

(Ps. Sorry if this sounds rude, I’ve had a bad day and this is like, the only way to outlet it. Also, when you wrote your reply it interupted my anime so I’m double annoyed. Again, sorry, but this is just me.)








It could be like in the sims, the clothes strech


Support. Although we can use height variances through spot directing, I agree that adjustable bars for body parts would be a good idea.


You can fix the exiting with spot by coding :grinning:


I hope they add bodytypes to ink, its a really popular style.


They’ll probably do this someday but not for INK :cold_sweat::sob:


Me too, but INK is going to be getting updates for much longer. :cry:


I agree and I wish there kids too!


I doubt this will happen in the next few years. It will definitely take a while, if they chose to create this at all.


Agree. I always feel like Im making all my characters look the same


Totally true, even for males because its weird making like a 70 year old teacher or something, and their super ripped or something. LOL. This makes me laugh a lot. :laughing: