FEATURE: More Body Shapes



Yeah, because they’d probably have to redesign the clothes and stuff.


yeah. I agreed that fat amy was so different in look than others as her weight is more maybe It can be with some lucky author who have been featured. You can bet me if you can do it, you will win the bet?


emphasized text yeah I think they have some extract stuff which they never share with other authords




I support this too!


How about smaller breasts aswell so that you don’t get an 8 year old character with breasts bigger then mine :upside_down_face:


I support this!
More Body Shapes would be able to change the storylines.
Sometimes girls in these stories are consider the “ugly girl” or fat girl when this is not the case like with Tessie in Bad’s Boys Girl. I think you could explore some real storylines with that.


But I get that it’s pretty hard to make this :smile: Maybe we can do something a bit more easy, maybe there could be just clothes who are just bigger but I makes it seem the character is “bigger” for all styles except for Classic (Because Classic doesn’t receive any updates anymore) :slight_smile: And then they can build from that :blush:


I just don’t like the fact that everyone is skinny. I’d like for certain people to have different body types. Smaller or bigger boobs, if anyone has played sims I’d imagine body types kinda like that customization, choosing how big boobs can be on girls, choosing how skinny or chubby someone is. I don’t want to have to use the pregnancy shirt for girls who are chubbier. There’s not even anything for the boys. How come Damian in the Mean Girls get to be chubby but the readers cant have this feature?


Support! It’s annoying making every character the same and I feel like it could open up a lot of new story lines. It would be hard to implement, but it would be soooo worth it.


They better not only do this for LL


If this gets implemented, it most likely will be for LL.

As Liz said before, they are not creating new INK assets, just releasing the ones the team has already made. So, if they haven’t already made it (and was hiding it from you guys), it will be only a Limelight feature.


I know. I just really want to see INK too.


I want this stuff for INK too, (although I’m more of a Limelight fan).

I read INK and Limelight stories, as they are both unique in their own way. The new body shapes would give INK some much needed pizzaz.


Hehe true that sister :pray::heartpulse::grin:


Support! Im trying to make kinda transformation/makeover story and when bullies bully the bully saying shes fat even when they all have the same body, I also hate it when you have to use overlays so that the boy can get some abs


I love Fat Amy :joy:


I really like this idea because then it would make it so much easier.:relieved:




I agree with this! While it may be hard for them to program, it would be pretty cool. I support this!