FEATURE: More Body Shapes



This is genius!


I really AGREE!!!


That is a great idea. We definitely need this!


support!! we still need this… :frowning:


Support :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:


SUPPORT! I always find it somewhat awkward when in Stories the characters supposed to be 6 foot and Super muscler and on the cover they look like that but then in the story they aren’t’. Or how kids look so grown. And how girls are so thin as are Guys. Also the weird thing with Older characters having to look identical to the younger characters.


I 1000% support!


It would be good to see different body sizes to make characters different instead of just the face appearances to make them different, especially different shapes for children in stories as you just have to make them small now. Hopefully episode adds different body sizes to make stories better.


Yessss, I 100% agree with you!


Hi! I already contacted the episode team about this for a while ago, and they’re working slowly on it but, they have to prioritate fixing bugs etc.


The idea is great and perhaps the easier concept to make this happen would be to rather release clothing in different sizes, such as the maternity tops for females, in my opinion.




I’ve just signed up and was really sad that body shapes were not an option but i’m really happy to see that so much people want different body shapes !
I’ve read some of the comments and I understand the concerns of some people about body shaming but I also think that NOT having any choice is worse. I mean representation is important and only having characters that are skinny/‘normal’ is neither realistic nor normal. As @Funicidal stated, clothes could be a good alternative but it would maybe limit the body type to the area the clothes cover and would definitely limit the number of clothes a character could wear. But it still would be a first good step !

Anyway, I understant how much work it represents, especially regarding clothes and I can see why it takes time to implement it but that would be great. It would mean more diverse characters.

So once again I totally agree with this idea and i’m really happy to see so many people wanting this !

(Sorry if my english is a bit rubbish at some point, i’m doing my best :heart:)


There are some clothing items in the INK closet for females that make the characters look a bit more curvy (such as the cardigans for example)


Yeah and the big sweaters are good for that too


Support so much it hurts! :heart:


I support this, although, I also see the conflicts that would come with immature readers… Mainly body shame and readers angry with their characters given body shape. With the diversity of shapes, it would add a sense of realism, self-love and an understanding of the world we live in.


Yessss!! If they have many skin tones why cant the have other body shapes!?? Like curvy,heavy,slim and more…


Amy and Liars.


Yeah I totally agree! In my story I am writing, the characters are missing limbs but I have had to change it because I couldn’t change their bodies. Episode please do this!!