FEATURE: More Body Shapes



bump because we need this so much :frowning: i hate when my characters are forced to have the ideal perfect body.


I agree! This would be so cool and put us all to a new level.


We need this in episode ! :revolving_hearts: everyone matters :heart:


I agree cause I be wanting my character to be a little more thick cause they not thick enough.


It would also be cool. To be able to add tattoos to the females not only males.


Support 100% :100: all the way! :sunglasses:


Lol before I read the end I was offended not a lot but you know , but I didn’t want to cause any trouble so I’m sorry too :sweat_smile: and soz I have a sassy attitude sometimes so please excuse that​:joy:


I support this idea!


Yes! Perfect idea!!


THIS WOULD BE THE BEST!!! As long as they add it for INK and LIMELIGHT.


That’s a great idea. Episode should consider this!! I see what you mean. The bodies we have now seem ‘‘too perfect’’ to me. I couldn’t agree more! :slight_smile:


I completely agree that we should be able to choose what their weight, height and their abs


YES!!! We shouldn’t even have to ask for different body types.


I now right we aren’t all extremely skinny so why do are characters have to be


SAME! I’m not a stick, so I don’t understand why my Episode characters should be!






support :heart::heart::heart:


support I would love that :heart_eyes::drooling_face:


I completely agree with this. A variety of body shapes is what is needed, and it can really shape a character more!!