FEATURE: More Body Shapes



support I would love that :heart_eyes::drooling_face:


I completely agree with this. A variety of body shapes is what is needed, and it can really shape a character more!!


Full support from my side!:+1:t2:


100% support this idea!! :ok_hand:t2:


OMG yes! SUPPORT :heart:


I completely support this idea! There are so many unique and beautiful body types in this world that deserve recognition, and adding a variety of body shapes and sizes will definitely help with diversity in stories (which is always a plus for me)! :heart_eyes:


I was thinking that episode should add some body shapes for different characters! Like there is a body for bigger people, thick people, skinny people! I feel like that would make the characters at least much more realistic like in the story mean girls, how damien or damian how he had is own size.

What do you guys think??


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I’ve been ranting this to my friends since ink CAME OUT!?!?




I would be cool to be able to do this in episode.

Being able to edit the characters like these could be amazing Change.


I totally agree


I really wish Episode had more body types, I find it very important to the appearance of a character and also their lifestyle/personality (ie. trans/nb characters, fit characters, fat characters), maybe if there was some sort of slider for body weight, curve and fitness (ie. the sims mobile/the sims 4) instead of just having multiple you choose from, it would probably surface less issues. ther might be more components to add but for now I would just maybe suggest those three.

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I agree, I would love to have customizable body types


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Fully support.


yes! They picture the girls as perfect barbie dolls, we need some variety. If that makes sense.