FEATURE: More Character Angles

There are only 4 directions a character can face, i.e, left, right, rear-left, rear-right. But what if I want to make the character face the camera straight, or face the back straight, without being slightly tilted. Therefore, I would like Episode to add at least two more basic directions, which enable us to make characters perform actions while facing the cameras direction, or having their back towards the camera directly. Besides, it looks pretty awkward in some backgrounds when the characters are walking slightly tilted towards either right or left. Please like.


Hi! The title of this feature request currently doesn’t follow the guidelines for suggestion threads. Please review those guidelines and edit your thread to ensure it isn’t closed or deleted. Thanks! :v:t2:

That sounds good, I support but I hope this wouldn’t ruin my characters if it was implemented!


Supportttt! They should have left side and right side of the face too