FEATURE: More characters allowed for mobile creation

Hi there. Does anyone write on there phones? If so does anyone know that you are only allowed to make 20 characters? I think this should be changed. does anyone also have this problem?
(like so this can get noticed)


I agree.

I have written multiple stories on the mobile creator and I have figured out a way to work around that. If you go onto the writers portal and make a character in your story on there, you can then edit the way they look on the mobile creator. Doing it that way will work so you can make more than 20 characters. But I agree with the fact that that should be changed.

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OMG! you’re a life saver!!!

Glad to help! Doing it that way is a great work around.

@Littlefeets IT IS AMAZING!!!

It was annoying having the character limit until I figured out that trick. But since then it hasn’t bothered me since! Super glad to be of help!

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I agree and support this problem is so annoying what do we do?? I write on phone and this is one of the very many restriction

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