FEATURE: More Customizable Profile 🦙

Hello there beautiful people! :yay:
Today I’m bringing up something that I know many of us have thought about: our Epi Profiles!

As many of you know, when editing your profile on the Episode app, you have to chose between a limited number of hairstyles and features, and you also have to choose from a limited number of pre-made outfits! Obviously there have been multiple art updates since Episode was created, but we don’t have access to those on the app!

I would love to be able to choose from all of the hairstyles and features that are available to us in the web profile, as well as be able to create my own character’s outfit. A lot of users on Episode have their own unique style, which they are not able to express with limited access to features and outfits.

On another note, Episode recently released new body type for us to use Which I am ecstatic about!, and I think we should the option to choose our character’s body type!

I would also love if we were able to upload our own pictures to use as our background and be able to use new aminmations, but I know that would be extremely tough to manage.

Some of use Episode users are not authors, only avid readers. We would love to be able to use some of those new features that Episode worked so hard at releasing!

And that’s the end of my TED Talk! I hope you have a lovely day! :blob_turtle: :blob_turtle:


There’s already a thread for something like this

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Oop, I tried to make sure there wasn’t any already made, but guess I missed that one :sweat_smile:

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No problem hun! :sparkling_heart:

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Even though this one is already made, Support!! :clap: :clap:

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Duplicate topic closed. Please refer to the original linked by @EtherealWitch :smiley: