FEATURE: More free passes

Yeah… it’s happened

But then I started getting it after a few days

you mean unlimited pass?



If they could do something daily to win more free passes or something.
Or give more passes to who writes stories or to who everyday reads stories or stay on episode everyday!
*sorry I didn’t mean to reply to @MB24 haha

I know Im a bit late. But, I’ve seen that you have to have less than 4 passes to activate that autorefill.

For example, say I only have 4 passes on my account and I use one of them on a story. That jump-started the 4 hour timer which means I have 4 hours to use all my passes before it refills again. If you have more than 4 passes on your account you won’t get auto refill. It only happens when you have less than 4 passes. I learned this went I have to time my episode reading for school. It might seem unfair but it makes sense. This also takes away the part where people can be idle from reading and still getting passes every 4 hours


Hey, I had the sam3 prob but tho I bought for 7 gems to unlock the full app. Now how many offical eps I have to read to get 4 passes instead of 2? (I had Episode before but it was before this whole mess for new readers started and cuz I had to make a new acc I have to go through this and have no idea how to do it hahaha so please someone help me out how many chapters I have to read to unlock 4 passes per hours?



Thanks, Just found today