FEATURE: More hair colours and styles for Limelight

Hey guys!
I think there should be more hair colours like a dark red brown colour like the ‘Chestnut’ colour from Ink. There is so many colours from Ink that could be in Limelight too! There could also be more styles like a braid crown and simple out styles! These are just suggestions but I think they would be cool and make it easier for writers like myself to rewrite there ink stories into Limelight!

Thanks for reading guys!



You can use ink hair colors for limelight!

Really? That’s great thanks! How do you do it?

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Put the name of the color.

Like in the coding??

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@CHAR changes hairColor into insert ink or limelight hair color here

Thank You!

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For episode premium stories they can have partially dyed hair or patterns in the hair that I think look really cool. I don’t know how to do that or even if it’s available to smaller creators but I’d like to see that added.

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