FEATURE: More Ink Animations

Either Episode has completely giving up on us Ink lovers and they don’t care to tell us. Or there just taking there time.

I wish they would update all the animations/overlays for Limelight into INK. Both Limelight & Ink are unique styles and clean styles with some people preferring Ink more?

Has anyone got the slightest update for Ink?


I’d have to find the post again, but it’s been said a good bit of times that they will not be releasing anything new to ink.

They do have some more updates planned to release, but it’s already been made and is extra animations, clothing, etc. Some from other stories and such.


It’s not about releasing something new, it’s about updating what’s left. :tired_face: they’re not making anything new :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: but I wish they could hurry up and update these outfits from featured stories and hidden animations… :disappointed:


Welp, I guess it’s time to shift to #Limelight 2019 Lmfao…but I’m not giving up on INK just yet, that was my starting style! ButI am making a Limelight Story, but baby steps.

Can’t kill myself to do both stories without a steady platform/plot for the first one. :heart:

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Yeah, I thought I was going crazy. All their social media accounts have straight Limelight/LL ads and they haven’t updated anything on INK since April 6 which was the beach clothes.

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Change it to what? I don’t understand?

The title is incorrect. Look at the Feature Request Guidelines to learn how to title it correctly.

It says, APP: More settings,
Which is the one I’m following?

Is it the question mark?

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FEATURE: More Ink Animations

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@BlueTopaz_26, the word Feature needs to be in all caps. FEATURE. :wink: Other than that, looks great! :smiley:

I’ve heard them saying they would slowly add updates to Ink sometime, however, they won’t be creating anything new for it. They will likely release a couple more currently hidden Ink animations and clothing, maybe some features as well.

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But the problem is…they’re not announcing anything. It seems that they want Ink to eventually die out quietly. Like said before…Episode doesn’t even rep Ink anymore. It’s pure Limelight. All they need to do is say something like, Oh we won’t be updating Ink, but in this month will blah blah blah and then we are officially moving on. That would be so much better then keeping us in the dark…


I agree with you on that. At this point we have no idea when or if they’re still even planning on releasing anything for all of us to use, but I still like to keep my head up about it.

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I’ve found an animation that I think it’s new. It’s called tear_off.

Closed as Ink is no longer updating. PETITION: More Ink!