FEATURE: More Ink Updates

I don’t know if anyone else feel this way, but sometimes I get jealous when Episode comes out with something new for limelight. It’s like Ink isn’t important anymore to Episode. Honestly, I don’t like this at all because some of us within the Episode community don’t really think that it’s fair for them to release something new for a newer style instead of doing it for the older style that people still use. Therefore, there should be Ink updates and new releases.


They said that INK updates and everything in general is discontinued.

I heard, and I disagree with that. Not everybody likes Limelight, so therefore, Episode should release new updates for the Ink version. After the Limelight version looses its trend, what version is Episode going to care about then?


They’re going to make a new version every time.


ink is discontinued they won’t update it just bc y’all dont like LL

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Well I’m aware of that now.

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I love Ink but LL has had more chances.

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What do you mean?

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I mean when Ink was here we didn’t have all these features LL has now


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I know many people will disagree with me but i’m sorry i’m lowkey sick of ink. Just i’ve read so many stories of ink that i’m like “tired” of it, and soon i will become tired of LL to but not right now

Support! We want hidden stuff! :smiley:



Yassss support!


I also would like if they would still update Ink, but now I see that with every update of LL there are some saying like “And what about Ink?”, “Why not add it to Ink?”.
I don’t want to offend anyone, this is just a thought of mine, but imagine being an artist that is trying out a new style and people would be like “Hey also go back to work with your old style”. Because it’s pretty much what is happening with LL, and I find kind of disrespectful that people keep asking about Ink when they’re trying to work on something new.
Again, I’m not trying to pick a fight or insult anyone, and if I offended you then sorry, but I keep standing by my opinion.

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I guess… I doesn’t matter anymore. I still feel like there should be some Ink updates. They don’t have to update a lot of new features to the Ink version, but they can do some. That would be nice.


True, but it’s also true that when you’re developing an app you need to constantly change or you risk to loose your popularity

I understand that. It’s just business and the business world sucks.


But sometimes when you’ve got a good thing going, and a lot of fans solely on the platform in support of a particular style (ie. INK), you shouldn’t completely abandon it. You should come up with a productive business strategy and implement it across all fields, so that you can cover as broad of an audience as possible. Releasing a few updates on INK a year (for writers and reader viewing pleasure), will certainly not hurt them in the long run. It is ineffective to up and abandon a popular style like that. Honestly, they can update both styles regularly, but if not, they should still keep updating INK here and there too.


And I think everyone would be happy if they just update hidden stuff :joy: so yeah, bump!

(And yes I already know they said they won’t :rofl:)


Bump lol

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